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Stepping outside makes it very clear that summer time has arrived in Texas.
Drinking my coffee this morning, watching GMA it was said this is”wedding season” and it is but in Texas weddings in the summer time bring with them a whole set of problems that perhaps other parts of the country may not have. Heat, humidity and mosquitos just to name a few!!

Outdoor weddings are done in Texas in the summer time, but before you make that decision let me suggest you put on a dress, several petticoats, heels and full make up and go sit outside at the time you plan to hold your ceremony. If you still want to have an outdoor summer wedding you and your wedding planner (you have one of course *s*)need to discuss ways to lessen the effects of the heat for the wedding party and your guests.

If your guests must walk any distance from their cars to the ceremony site, have a large tub of iced down bottled water at the parking lot so they can sip the cold water on their way. Be sure to have lots of cold water for your wedding party in the areas where they dress or gather for the ceremony. If you want to make your thoughtfulness even more special you can order custom labels to attach to your bottles . A picture, monograms, names, the date in your wedding colors are all possibilities.

Another lovely touch for your outdoor wedding guests are fans. A fan can be placed on each chair and will be very appreciated by your guests. Some brides have chosen to have their program made into a fan, or they pick one in their wedding colors. Think how those little touches of color will look throughout your ceremony. Think of parasols for your bridesmaids and or the women in your wedding party. You may not want them carried down the aisle but think of the opportunities for pictures.

I welcome you to share your outdoor wedding ideas here or ask any outdoor wedding questions.

Try to stay cool,



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Attention Maids of Honor!!!

The Bachelorette Party is part of your responsibilities to your friend THE BRIDE. You know her better than anyone else so gear the party to her style. Is she a wild and crazy girl who will enjoy a “party till you drop” kind of evening. Is she much more laid back and would enjoy a day at the spa with the girls being pampered. Watch this space over the next few weeks to get more “bachelorette party ideas than you could ever use.

Today’s offering is:

A Wine Tour
Pick a long weekend and make a visit to some of the vineyards that the Texas Hill Country has to offer. Fredricksburg has several to choose from along with really lovely bed and breakfasts for an overnight stay. You could also rent a limo and check out a couple that are in Washington county. Make this a wonderful relaxing “girls weekend” away from the hustle and bustle of wedding planning. As the hostess of the weekend you could gift each girl with a bottle of one of your favorite wines tasted complete with a custom label that you’ve ordered in advance.

Sound like fun but more planning than you have time for??? Call Beginnings today and let our staff assist you with your party plans.(832.453.2219)

All the best,

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