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Hurricane Ike

Please forgive me for a lack of post to the blog in the last week. But then many of you who are in the Houston area probably couldn’t read it anyway due to the lack of power throughout the city thanks to our friend Ike.

My family and I live down in the Kemah area and did much better than we ever had any reason to expect to. Lots of branches and a lack of electricity but compared to what so many others have experienced we were lucky. My heart goes out to those who had real damage and loss. As a native Houstonian there is one thing I know, Texans won’t let a little thing like Ike get us down for long.

I would like to hear from any brides who might of had their wedding scheduled and canceled due to the storm. Let me see how I might be able to help you reschedule and re- plan. Our normal fees will not apply and for some situations there may be no charge at all. Brides who need our help can contact me for now at begin98@comcast.net or my cell 832-453-2219


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Fairy Godmother Project

Bridesmaids?? What do you do with the lovely dresses you purchase each and every time a dear friend asks you to be in their wedding?? Does it hang in your closet taking up space?? I have a solution to that problem…..The Fairy Godmother Project.

I met with Ellen Chang and Katy Heerssen, President and VP of the board at the Houston Brides Magazine afternoon of Bridal Luxury last weekend atGravitas and Bering and James Gallery. This organization provides dresses and tuxedos for prom and graduation for students who might not be able to afford the outfits to attend.

If you would like to help out with this organization Ellen Chang told me that although they are happy to take your contribution of dresses, handbags, and jewelery the need for cash is great too. Cash is needed in order to rent tuxedo’s for the young men . Also they have a need for plus size dresses. Check out their website. What a good use for those lovely bridesmaids dresses.

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