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First Dance

So many couples worry and fret over their “First Dance”. I can’t tell you how many times I have changed that song several times during the planning process. Many couples now take time for some lessons or actually choreagraph their first dance. The video below goes above and beyond but they had fun!!!


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Signature Drink

Brides and wedding planners are always on the look out for new ways to set their wedding apart from the ten other weddings of friends happening this year.
One fun way is for the bride and groom to develop a signature drink for their reception. Sometimes the type of drink follows the theme of the wedding, other times the color may tie the drink to the reception. Check out the drink below, a chocolate lovers delight.

Recipe and photo credit "Hostest with the Mostest"

Chocolate Raspberry Martini
{Makes 4 to 6 dessert drinks}
12 Fresh raspberries
2 ounces Chambord
4 Tablespoons Semi-Sweet Cocoa powder
8 ounces of Merlot or Cabernet
In a bowl add raspberries and ½ ounce of the Chambord. Muddle these together to ensure the two are well incorporated. Add the cocoa powder and 4 ounces of the red wine. Mix well and then strain into a small pitcher to remove the raspberry seeds. Add the additional Chambord and red wine. Pour into a mixing glass or shaker with ice and vigourously shake. Strain into martini glasses and enjoy!
As an option, rim your martini glasses with chocolate and crushed nuts. You can also dust with a little cocoa powder or add a shaving of chocolate.

Photo and recipe ” Hostest with the Mostest”

Try it and enjoy!!

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I am happy to share with you our very first ever contest. It is open to all brides who want to get married before the end of 2008.

The prize ?? The Beginnings staff will work with you to plan your wedding.

The catch?? You have to let us do it at no charge to you.

The rules are simple 1. You must have your wedding before the end of 2008. 2. You need to write a short letter to the staff at Beginnings explaining why we should gift you with our services as your wedding coordinators. Be sure to add any details that might pull at our heart strings. 3. You must be willing to allow us to write about your wedding planning process in our blog and share your pictures of the planning and your wedding day.

We will accept your entries until October31,2008 Please send your entries to pamela@thebeginningbride.net

All the best


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Let them eat cake”
“Let them eat free cake”

For brides that book with Beginnings for 2009 by December 31, 2008 we will gift you with your wedding cake ( up to $500).

For our brides who choose Edible Designs by Jessie we can also offer you a silver or gold cake stand at no charge for weddings booked by the end of the year.

We have an opening the last weekend in December
Give us a call today

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Hurricane Ike

As some of you may know I live in the Clear Lake /Kemah area so I am keenly aware of what Hurricane Ike has done to our part of the state. Two minutes from my home on the other side of Hwy 146 so many homes were completely ruined. My family and I feel so blessed that we were only inconvenienced by lack of power for a week.

I know that many Houston area brides had their weddings scheduled for the weekend of the storm and my heart goes out to you.

I emailed several of the venues in the Houston area that I was concerned might have received damage. The ones I heard back from thankfully were undamaged, but I am anxious about the ones that did not respond. If you are aware of a popular Houston area wedding venue that is damaged and has to cancel upcoming bookings please let me know. I did not contact the Galveston venues but will in the near future and I will share that information with you when I get it.

I had a nice email back from Lisa Porter at Rockefeller Hall. Rockefeller Hall is a landmark in Houston. Everyone who was anyone in the music business performed there at one time. For the past ten years it has been a wonderful venue for weddings and special events. Lisa tells me that they came through the storm unharmed and only the events that happened the weekend of Ike had to be rescheduled. As many of you know immediately after storm two wedding venues in Houston closed their doors, after taking cash from Houston brides, leaving them with no recourse , no refund and no venue to hold their wedding. (More about this fraudulent company later) The lovely ladies at Rockefeller Hall opened their doors and their hearts and are assisting brides that were displaced. They have my appreciation and gratitude for showing what I think is the rule more than the exception in the wedding industry in Houston.

I also got a really nice email from Stacey Bohorquez at The Crystal Ballroom at the Rice. I am very happy to tell you that this historic venue survived Ike to. They were able to get right back to work after the storm and beautiful weddings are happening there every weekend.

As you know the storm knocked out power and big trees in a wide path through Houston. We checked with Heather’s Glen in Conroe. Anne tells me they received no damage and are booking new weddings and holding weddings non stop.

A big thank you to those venues who responded and my prayers are that the ones that didn’t respond were just too busy post storm to let us know. If you hear of a Houston venue that was damaged and out of commission for a time, please bring it to my attention.

Once again to those brides who might have had their wedding postponed, canceled or changed due to the storm, please feel free to contact us at Beginnings and let us help put it all back together.

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Calling those brides making last minute decisions about your wedding. We have two great dates that have just opened up on our calendar. October 25, 2008 and December 27, 2008.

Call the office today and we can let you know about our reduced rates for those two dates.

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Beginnings Boutique

Beginnings Boutique

I am very pleased to announce that Beginnings has partnered with Kate Aspen to bring you “Beginnings Boutique“. Check out the boutique for those little details you might need for your wedding, for showers etc. I’m off to see what I can find for my grandaughter’s second birthday party. Happy shopping!!!

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