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I have a confession to make!!
I don’t have a lot of bad habits but I am a confirmed twelve step taking chocoholic!!
So it makes perfect sense that one of the vendors I treasure is Mark Caffey the Mark in Chocolates by Mark.
As I sat down to decide what to tell you about Chocolates by Mark, I realized how long I’ve known him and how many years I have loved his chocolate creations. When my now college freshman son (at about age 9) would find out I had seen Mark Caffey that day he would search my pockets and purse for one of the chocolate coins or truffles he knew I wouldn’t have left Mark without.
There are two very creative and wonderful sides to Mark in my mind. One is the ability to create really delicious chocolates. The other is his ability to work with you to in order to create just the right chocolate design or packaging design to fit your special event.

I remember some white chocolate Texas flags for a rehearsal dinner to set off the dessert or beautiful little silver organza bags filled with truffles for an open house that I was hosting.
Please check out his website for some terrific ideas and give them a call if you don’t see what you need.
When you call be sure to tell him that Pamela sent you. Maybe it will earn me a truffle or two !!pam-sig3


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Feb6,2009 is wear Red Day here in Houston and across the nation. This day is meant to draw attention to women’s heart health, something as women we all need to be aware of. Heart disease is the #1 killer of women.
I will be telling you about some of the activities planned for Houston for that day in upcoming posts. I hope you will find a way to join women across the country to bring attention to this cause.
You all may get a little tired of me standing on my soapbox about this subject before its over. I am a heart patient, my 19 year old son is a heart patient and we lost my mother to heart disease way too young.
Join me in this cause, besides who doesn’t look great in a red dress!!


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Don’t miss this show!!

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Happy 2009


Beginnings wishes you a blessed and exciting 2009.

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