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When I decided to change the way I was posting to my blog, I decided that on Fridays I would try to pass along some worthy charity event or organization that was doing a “very good thing” for our community. Yesterday I received an email from my lovely niece and I just had to share this information with you all right away and not wait for Friday. Cleaning for a Reason is an organization who will provide house cleaning services to someone who is undergoing chemo. What an amazing idea!! If you know someone who could use this assistance have them check out the Cleaning for a Reason website. If you are a chemo patient or a loved one of a chemo patient you have to sign up, send them confirmation from your Dr that you are receiving chemo and they will pair you with a maid service in your area. I understand that you will then have your home cleaned once a month for four months while you are receiving chemo treatments. There is a map on the website indicating the cities where this service is currently available. Houston is on that list.
What a wonderful idea!! ” Fighting cancer is difficult enough but living with it is even tougher” I am sure if you don’t know someone who can use this service you can pass it along to someone who does.

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